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PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT taking applications for pugs UNDER the age of 6. We have a waiting list for young pugs. If you see a pug under the age of 6, it is NOT AVAILABLE to new apps.

If there are no pugs on this page, they have all found forever loving homes.

Adoption fees are:

1 year and under is $450
13 months to 5 years $350
5 years 1mo to 8 years is $250
8 years 1 month and over is $150

Any pure breed that is bred to create a "designer breed" for example- puggles, Chugs, Jugs, etc. Their adoption fee is $250.00 until age 7 yrs, older dogs the adoption fee is $150.00.

Adoption fees are to be paid in cash, Money Order or Bank Check. No personal checks are allowed.

If you are interested in any of these pugs- PLEASE fill out the application and mention the pugs name on your application.


For more information Contact either Judy Douglas 802-786-5337 ( or Helen Bryan 802-279-8858 (


Meet Scamper, Pug #92-15.

We won't sugarcoat this - Scamper is a complicated Little Miss. Scamper has been placed in a couple of different homes with mixed results so we have gone the extra mile and now have a complete picture of her needs. Scamper has serious anxiety and is aggressive towards other dogs. She has been evaluated by Tufts and we have recommendations for medication and behaviour modification. Her full report will come with her when we find the right adoption situation. Here are some notes from her current placement of what a good home for Scamper would look like:

no other pets, calm and quiet, no small children, someone who is willing to take her for long walks, someone who is dog savvy and willing to continue to work on behavior modification, a house that does not share common space with other dogs, a country setting with a fenced yard.

Of course, this sounds like a home that would be ideal for any pug, but it is a necessity for Scamper. Scamper is 6 years old, housebroken and showing improvement on prozac. We will expand our adoption area for the right home for Scamper.

Scamper is located in Manchester, NH and her adoption fee is $250.

Meet Winston, Pug #05-16.

Winston is a lively little pug mix, weighing in at only 13 pounds. He is said to be a puggle, 4 years old, small, and active, good with kids, dogs and cats. Winston is marking but this will get better after he is neutered. He has just arrived so we don't know a whole lot at this point although he did come with a complete vet record and was well maintained in his former home. His information will be updated once he has been evaluated by his foster family.

Winston is fostered in Ogdensburg, NY and his adoption fee is $250.

Meet Sophie, Pug #02-16.

Sophie is not our typical pug offering! She is a cute 2 year old pug/terrier mix who was headed to an Animal Shelter when we agreed to rescue her. Sophie is young, lively and housetrained. She gets along with kids, dogs and cats! She sleeps on her foster mom's bed and will go in a crate although that is not her favorite place. She is nonaggressive and fit into her foster home easily. Sophie will be spayed and vaccinated before she is available for a adoption.

Sophie is fostered in Derry, NH and her adoption fee is $250.

Meet Sammy, Pug #103-15.

Sammy was surrendered in love by a family that had to make a hard choice. Sammy is a 10 year old male pug who is quite spry for his age. He is able to jump onto couches and does the porch stairs easily. He is friendly to other dogs, cats and kids. He wants to be with his people and would prefer to sleep in their bed as that is what he knows. He is not happy in a crate but we are working on that in his foster home. Sammy needs to wear a bellyband as he was never housetrained, but he doesn't mind. Sammy has been neutered and brought up to date with vaccinations and a dental. He is an active and playful senior who enjoys toys and company. Please consider giving this sweet senior a forever home.

Sammy is currently fostered in Berlin, VT and his adoption fee is $150. Sammy is eligible for our 70 for 70 Program, if you are 70 years old or older, adoption fees are waived.

Meet Duke, Pug #44-15

Duke is a 7 year old Puggle/Chuggle. His paperwork says he is a puggle (Pug/Beagle cross) but he looks like there is Chug (Pug/Chihuahua cross) in there as well. He is thin and leggy with more of a Chug face. duke was taken to the vet by his family to be euthanized because he has diabetes and became more than they could take care of. The vet in PA contacted Celebrating Pugs & Pups Rescue and because they are full at the moment, they contacted GMPR. We found that Duke's diabetes has not been controlled for this past year since he was diagnosed. GMPR is working to get it controlled and will also be checking him for Cushing's Disease. Duke is a very sweet dog and very very smart. He is blind due to cataracts caused by his diabetes, but he gets around extremely well once he learns the lay of the land. He even runs in our back yard and plays with our younger pug. I think Duke would be housebroken, once his diabetes is controlled.


Well, it has been a long haul with Duke and many ups and downs. Duke charmed everyone he met on his journey from the vet clinic that saved him, all the folks that transported him, and has won the hearts of his foster family. Duke spent the past year with uncontrolled diabetes. His family did not have the means to pay for all the testing and treatment required to get him completely stabilized. Duke came to his foster family with obvious uncontrolled diabetes. We knew he had to be stabilized before he could be adopted. There was some concern that he had Cushing's disease, but that is definitely not the case. One day, Duke crashed and his sugar dropped to 23. We thought we were going to lose him, but he fought hard and with the expert help of Rutland Vet Clinic and Surgical Center, he bounced back. It took a bit of time, an insulin change and new feeding program to get him healthy and stabilized. Duke is now happy and ready for adoption. He requires Vetsulin insulin injections at 8 AM and 8 PM and a small mid-afternoon meal. This protocol keeps him stabilized and he is the picture of energy and health. Duke is one of the sweetest, smartest dogs you will ever meet. To know him is to love him! GMPR currently has 4 diabetic dogs available for adoption and they deserve loving "furever" homes just like all the others do.

Duke is fostered in Rutland, VT and his adoption fee is $250.


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