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Meet Balto, Pug #38-18

Balto is a 6 year old neutered Pug-a-Pom (Pug/Pomeranian) Balto was surrendered in Love because the Household Dynamic changed. There was a new baby in the home and Balto went from First Baby to Second Baby. Desiring more attention, Balto started to mark in the house. When Balto arrived at GMPR, it was discovered that he had a serious urinary tract infection and several large bladder stones. Balto has had bladder surgery and the stones were removed. He has completed his treatment for the UTI and is doing fine. Balto is an incredibly sweet and loving dog. He wants to be with his human all the time. Loves to sit with you in the recliner and definitely wants to sleep in bed with you. Balto is excellent on the leash and loves to go for walks. He is a very mellow, laid back dog. Balto does well with other dogs, but can take them or leave them. He is not interested in cats. Balto is a big boy, weighing 25 lbs and definitely has a double coat of fur. An ideal home for Balto would be A retired person or couple looking for that perfect companion. He will do well with a family as long as there is a stay a home person and lots of one on one attention. Balto tends to gravitate more towards Men in the family, but really gets along well with everyone. He is housebroken on a schedule.

Balto is fostered in White River Jct. Vermont and his adoption fee is $250.


Meet Brutus, Pug #36-18

Brutus is a 7 1/2 yr old neutered male that was surrendered to GMPR because his owner could no longer care for him due to health issues. Brutus is a bigger pug, weighing in at 27 lbs. He has been fully vetted including a dental cleaning and several extractions. His foster mom reports that he is pretty easy going and gets along well with other dogs - he has not been tested with cats but we don’t think that will be an issue for this laid back boy. Brutus is housetrained, but does need to be taken out regularly. An x-ray shows that he does have a luxating patella with quite advanced arthritis and he has been put on glucosamine supplements and pain medication daily as he finds it difficult to sit - he prefers to stand or lie down. It will be important that his weight be managed with a good diet and he has already lost a little weight.

Brutus will probably do best in a home with another older pug and /or older children. Navigating stairs will be difficult for him. He is a snuggler and would be happiest with someone who wants to have a big lover by their side.

Brutus is fostered in Rexford, NY and his adoption fee is $250.


Meet Cody Pug #39-18

Cody is a 2 1/2 year old Chug. Cody was surrendered in love because he was not adjusting well to NYC Life. Cody was rescued from a shelter in Atlanta, Georgia and adopted by a family in NYC in January 2018. We were told that Cody has Resource Guarding Issues which we believe with a little work will resolve. He is very loving and active. Loves to play and cuddle. Cody is nervous when he first meets new people and a bit skittish. We believe that also will resolve in the right family situation.

An ideal home for Cody is a dog savvy family with another compatible dog and that fits with Cody's energy level would be perfect. Cody is housebroken, healthy, and ready for his forever home.

Cody is fosterend in Mendon, VT and his adoption fee is $300.


Meet Priscilla, Pug #37-18

Priscilla is a 2 year old, spayed Bug (Pug/Boston Terrier mix) who was surrendered after two puppies were added to the family. She is reactive to aggressive play and was acting out towards the puppies. Priscilla is a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly. Priscilla would do best in a home with a stay at home person, or another calm dog for companionship. She does attach herself and loves to lay at your feet. She gets along great with the large mellow dog in the foster home but does spat with the young Border Collie, so a mellow companion is a must. Priscilla is young, fit and energetic and enjoys running in the yard. She is not suited for a life crated. She is kept in an x-pen when the family is out of the house and at night. She is not fully house trained and has occasional poop “accidents”.

Priscilla is fostered in Berlin, VT and her adoption fee is $300.


Meet Snuggles, Pug 17-078

Snuggles is a 4 year old female pug/husky mix. Snuggles is an owner surrender who was adopted last year. Their chug decided that she did not like Snuggles and there have been some spats. Snuggles is larger than a pug and very fit and active, she would make a wonderful hiking/walking partner. Her foster dad has been working with her on getting along with other dogs and children. She is best friends with a couple of her foster fur siblings and she loves her foster dad's grandchildren.

An ideal home for Snuggles is with an active family that is dog savvy. She will need some structure in her daily routines to keep the husky side of her at bay.

Snuggles is fostered in Ogdensburg, NY and her adoption fee is $300.

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