Jleigh Howard Guardian Angel Fund

Can't adopt, but want to help?

Our former President, JLeigh Howard, was GMPR's biggest guardian angel. She poured her heart into fostering some of our neediest Hospice pugs, giving them love and care through their last days until her own untimely death from ovarian cancer. In her honor, we have renamed our guardian page the Jleigh Howard Guardian Angel Fund. You too can be a "Guardian Angel" for one of our "special" pugs for as little as $15 a month. Make a one-time donation or send a monthly payment to help support one of our rescue pugs, and you become a "Guardian Angel". Your name will be posted next to the picture of the pug you wish to help on this page.

You can make donations for a specific pug via Paypal with your credit card or checking account using the buttons provided below or make a generic donation using the buttons to the right. Guardian Angel funds are used for veterinary care, food, treats and toys (in that order). Pugs posted on the "Guardian Angel" page have extensive medical/social needs and are considered long-term rehabilitation candidates.

Guardian Angel- monthly supporters
Joe & Jackie Vezina
Debbie Skillman
Lori Zelenko
Michael Ginnis
Susan Flynn
Elizabeth C Landry
Priscilla DeBree
Deborah Sullivan
Karen Hammes
Christian Leogrande

Meet Bubba, Pug #64-17

Bubba is an 8 year old, black, neutered male. Bubba was surrendered to Saratoga County Animal Shelter because his elderly owner could no longer keep him. Bubba has been diagnosed with an agressive cancer and has been moved to hospice care.

Please consider sponsoring Bubba.

Meet Skittles, Pug #17-44

Skittles is a 12-15 year old female, black pug. This sweet, old girl was surrendered by her family with love. She is up-to-date on her vaccines. Her back legs do not work well so she will soon be using a wheelchair to get around. She gets along well with other dogs and kids.

Please consider sponsoring Skittles!

Meet Duke, Pug #44-15

Duke is a 7 year old Puggle/Chuggle. His paperwork says he is a puggle (Pug/Beagle cross) but he looks like there is Chug (Pug/Chihuahua cross) in there as well. He is thin and leggy with more of a Chug face. Duke was taken to the vet by his family to be euthanized because he has diabetes and became more than they could take care of. The vet in PA contacted Celebrating Pugs & Pups Rescue and because they are full at the moment, they contacted GMPR. We found that Duke's diabetes had not been controlled. Duke has been fostered with the rescue for over 19 months. His diabetes is more under control with Vetsulin but does have occassional drops in sugar levels but is quickly remediated with some maple syrup. Duke is a very sweet dog and very very smart. He is blind due to cataracts caused by his diabetes, but he gets around extremely well once he learns the lay of the land. He had an eye removed due to a cataract causing him pain.

He is housebroken as long as he sticks to his schedule. Due to his diabetes, he drinks a lot of water so when he has to go then he will go. He does get along with other dogs but does show some personality of an alpha dog. He loves human attention and will be your best friend. Duke is a very loving dog,

Please consider sponsoring Duke!

Meet PJ, Pug #22-16

PJ is an 8 year old female brindle pug. Her owner passed away and the family that took her could not keep her. She is housebroken and spayed. She has shown aggression toward people and due to her behavioral issues and history she will remain in permanent foster care.

Please consider sponsoring PJ!

Emily is a 5 year old pug who was surrendered to GMPR as a result of Domestic Violence in her Family. She required bladder surgery when we took her in because she was full of stones. During surgery, bladder cancer was found. Emily's cancer is inoperable, but a fairly slow growing form. Emily will live out her life in our hospice foster program where she will be loved and cared for until it is time for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Emily so far is not exhibiting any signs of her cancer and is a happy spitfire of a pug. Her foster home loves and adores her. Please consider sponsoring Emily to help with her monthly expenses.

Meet Lucy #75-12

Lucy is a lovely, 9 year old pug who was surrendered in love. Lucy has some rear end motor issues due to spinal problems. Lucy is incontinent and is gradually losing the use of her hind legs. She will require a wheel chair in the near future. Lucy is being fostered by Kim Wilcox in our Hospice Program. Lucy will be cared for and loved until there comes a time when she decides it is time to give up. GMPR is committed to Lucy and will proved the best of care and all that she needs to live a happy, quality life. Please consider becoming a Guardian Angel for Lucy to help sponsor her monthly expenses. She is an absolute sweetheart!

Meet Pug #83 Panchito

Panchito is a 15 year neutered cuddly male that was originally rescued from a kill shelter in NYC. He was adopted but did not get along with the other pug in the house. Panchito needs to be in a home where he is the only dog and where he will receive lots of love. He wants to be with his owner all the time and likes nothing better than to cuddle on the sofa in the evening. He rides well in the car, loves to go for a walk and is just a very sweet boy. He does have a large scar on his head as he had a tumor removed from the top of his head a couple of weeks ago. It is healing well and will be hardly noticeable once the hair grows back.

A Christmas Gift Story
I recently made a donation via PayPal ($15 on 12/9) as a Christmas gift in honor of Christian Leogrande. Our family is very excited to get a pug in the future, but until we find one that is the perfect fit for us, I make a donation to a pug rescue organization each year as one of Christian's Christmas gifts! On Christmas, I plan to have a print out of Panchito's description and photo with a card saying that a donation was made in his name to support the Green Mountain Pug Rescue as one of Christian's Christmas gifts and I would love to include that he was added to the Guardian Angels list. Thank you very much, and thank you for all you do! - Victoria Lamanna

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